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Completely in the Ear Canal: Pros, Cons, and Reviews


Key Points Completely in the canal hearing aids are small, comfortable, and discrete ways to amplify your hearing. Their small size comes with a minor drawback in battery life and power, making them suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss....

Behind the ear hearing aids: pros, cons, and reviews


Key Points Behind the ear hearing aids, also called BTE, can be used for mild to profound hearing loss. Although they are the most visible type of hearing aid, they do come in mini versions. BTE hearing aids can be purchased with...

Your Guide to Widex Hearing Aids

Widex began as a family-owned hearing improvement company in Denmark in 1956. Since then they’ve been at the forefront of hearing improvement technology and become an innovator in the space. Widex is one of the six largest hearing aid manufacturers in the...

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