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Sarah M.
2nd April 2020
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Last Updated on 2 April 2020

Born before 1962? Get a free hearing test now!

Older Australians can access a free hearing test by using this new service.
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The signs of hearing loss can be subtle and easy to overlook, especially in older Australians. It’s common to think that it’s not happening to you, but the truth is it could be.

Hearing loss is a normal part of ageing. In fact, it’s the third most common age-related disability in adults aged 45 and older.* If you were born before 1962 and find yourself turning up the television volume or missing conversations, it’s time to get a free hearing test.

Visit to locate an audiologist near you and arrange your complimentary hearing assessment. Not all hearing loss is created equal, so an audiologist will be able to advise you on the best type of hearing aid for your needs.

Thanks to technological advances, hearing aids are smaller and more effective than they were in the past. In many cases, hearing aids are so small that they are nearly invisible, yet do a great job in amplifying sound.

Research suggests that early intervention into hearing loss can have a real impact on quality of life. Finding a hearing solution can help increase cognition and possibly ward off dementia, a real concern for older Australians.

Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Select your state below.
Step 2: After answering a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare hearing aids in your area and could be eligible for significant savings.

The health concerns associated with ageing can sometimes come with increased costs, but that may not be the case with hearing aids. Pensioners and private health insurance holders may be eligible for considerable rebates on hearing aids.

It’s no wonder, with hearing loss having such a significant impact on the lives of older Australians. Over half the population between 60 and 70 has a hearing loss, a number that tends to rise with age.*

Getting older can bring its own unexpected surprises, and hearing loss may be one of them. Fortunately, you don’t always have to live with the confusion and social isolation that it can bring. may be able to help you identify a quick, cost-effective solution for hearing loss associated with ageing. Your initial hearing test is free, so there’s no excuse for putting it off. If your friends and family have been encouraging you to get your hearing checked, the time is now.

*Listen Hear! The Economic Impact and Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia, by Access Economics Pty Ltd, Feb 2006

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Step 2: Answer a few questions to book in a free hearing test in your area and compare hearing aids.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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