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Types and Causes of Hearing Loss


Hearing is a vital sense that we use daily. We use it in our social and professional lives, we use it to unwind and relax, and it is integral to how we communicate with those around us. So, we need to keep...

How to know if you need a Hearing Aid


Hearing is such an important part of our everyday life. We use it to work, socialise, keep us out of danger and to relax, so it is easy to take it for granted. Often hearing loss is a gradual process, so it...

Important Questions to ask your Hearing Aid Provider


Noticing that you’re losing your hearing can be a shock to the system. You may be starting to worry that you won’t be able to communicate in the ways you’ve always done before. You might start to find things difficult that, up...

Hearing Aid Batteries


One of the first and most important things that you need to know when you are fitted with hearing aids is battery care and maintenance. Hearing aids have advanced a long way in the last few years; they are significantly more discreet...

Hearing Aids and Tinnitus


Have you ever felt that strange sensation of ringing in your ears? What about a chirping, buzzing, whistling or hissing that isn't really there? That strange sensation is called tinnitus. The majority of Australians will experience temporary tinnitus at some point in their...

Helping a Loved One to get a Hearing Aid


On average, a person will wait seven years before getting help for hearing loss. It is a sensitive subject, and you may find yourself needing to initiate an unpleasant conversation with a loved one if they are waiting too long. Every type of...

How do Hearing Aids Work?


Hearing loss is on the rise in Australia. Presently, one in six Australians are affected by hearing loss, and this number is predicted to increase to one in four by the year 2050. Although there are a range of factors for this...

A Better Way To Shop For Hearing Aids


  This new service is set to change the way Australians shop for hearing aids. It connects you with local audiologists who can not only assess your hearing but also introduce you to a range of modern devices that will change the...

How Aussie Pensioners Can Get Free Hearing Aids


Aussie pensioners are doing it especially tough right now. The rising cost of living is hitting hard, leading many to make sacrifices to try to save money. However, thanks to this new service, pensioners can save without missing the benefits of having...

How Aussie Veterans Can Get Free Hearing Aids


Aussie veterans are prone to hearing loss due to noise exposure during their service. It is so prominent among Australian war veterans, that a staggering 55 percent report a current level of hearing loss. Thanks to this new service it’s never been...

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